“For years, I’ve believed in the power of holistic healing. My personal experience was taken to a new level, however, through the help of Ruthie’s Angels. My condition is one of the most difficult to treat which exists in medicine. The type of fibromyalgia which I have, caused by spinal trauma & cytokine changes in the body, can not be resolved with standard allopathic pain medications. Through the skillful & professional work of Carol Kremer, acupuncturist, we healed my complex muscular/skeletal issues so that I’m now pain med free! The traditional practice of acupuncture is complemented by Frequency Specific Microcurrent technology, to achieve dramatic results. “

Sarah Sol, Visual Artist

“Sometimes we get lucky in life, and for anyone who is facing chronic health issues would not consider yourself lucky, but my journey through God’s grace has been touched with a gift through Ruthie’s Angels.

Deitra and “the angels” with Ruthie’s Angels have a spiritual light that shines so very bright through their many gifts. The level of understanding and broad knowledge of medical issues through holistic wellness along with being a true facilitator of a deeper awareness of the whole person is amazing. The Ruthie’s Angels team combines compassion through their mission, a restoration of hope when needed, and true love connecting with people in a genuine way helping them face their journey with grace.

I will be forever grateful for Ruthie’s Angels and Deitra’s big heart and her beautiful warm smile that greets every person with her light. I am so thankful for her many unselfish acts of kindness and compassion to all of us to hold forever in our hearts.

Ruthie’s Angels has blessed my health and my life!”

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed”. Proverbs 11:25 The Message

 With love & grace,

Brenda Hoyt-Toledo, Ohio

We feel extremely blessed that Ruthie’s Angels offers their assistance to so many families in need. Over the last two years, Cedar Creek Church has referred several community members who are in need of health and wellness services who cannot afford them. In addition, several referred recipients were families who endured a tragic accident or loss and were given relaxation services and/or counseling services to aid with their grief and over-all healing. Thank you for continuing to pursue God’s calling.

Tom Martin-Cedar Creek Campus Pastor


When the doctors told us that my mother only had a couple of months to live because her cancer was no longer treatable, I was devastated. I wanted to go back in time and spend more quality time with my mother since I knew my time with her was now limited. Cedar Creek church featured our story and the founders of Ruthie’s Angel reached out to us and treated my mom and I to a full day of pampering and wellness.

Not only were the services relaxing and tranquil, you cannot put a price on the quality time I was able to spend with my mother that day. We have pictures from our spa day that I will treasure. I will never forget the smile on mom’s face as the caring professionals were helping to melt her stress away even if it was just for the day. Mom passed away a couple of weeks later and I am extremely thankful for Ruthie’s Angels and the gift they provided us.

Krystal Sutton-Toledo, Ohio