Ruthie’s Angels

A Registered 501c(3) Charity 

Ruthie’s Angels, founded by Deitra and John Hickey, has a mission to offer holistic wellness services to individuals who are struggling with chronic health conditions. In 1998, Ruthie Ann Jamra, the mother of Deitra Hickey, passed away at 48 years old after losing her long battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Deitra’s father also suffered a spinal cord injury and Deitra and her sisters consequently helped take care of two paralyzed parents throughout their childhood and adolescence. Deitra witnessed chronic pain and significant health ailments first-hand and she now is dedicated to her mission which is to help those in need of treatments who may not be able to afford them.


Ruthie’s Angels is a non-profit organization who aims to assist those who may have a life-altering medical diagnosis or terminal illness; as well as individuals with a debilitating injury who could therapeutically benefit from wellness services both physically and mentally. We assist the community by offering to fund services to help with chronic pain, Cancer treatments, and injury rehabilitation along with many other ailments. In addition, we sponsor recipients who simply need to be pampered or feel loved for a day if they are dealing with a tragic death in the family or are struggling with a difficult, trying time in their life.

Ruthie’s Angels is proud of the international facet of the organization. We “adopt” children and initiatives in third world countries to assist with their basic wellness needs. We are intentional to assist those in other parts of the world who are less fortunate.

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